Profiling Wheels

Material:Diamond CNC Profile Bits   Time:13/09/2017

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Material Application:



Certifcated:CE / ISO / SGS

Custom Made:YES


Product Description

To better suit your needs, Chitrust offers customized profiling wheels. Please view our selection of Metal Segmented, Sintered, Electroplated, Eliminator, Touch- POL (Resin) Profile Wheels. 
Top of the line CNC Profile Wheels
We offer a complete system of CNC profile wheels that provide superior results for various profile shapes. 
How profile wheels are engineered
The combination of grinding, shaping wheels, and Touch-POL polishing wheels with expandable inside urethane provide perfect finish by contacting all surfaces. 
Segmented Wheel (POS. 0) is made for ‘Edge-Breaking’ and its fast pre-cutting performance will enhance the life span of following steps. 
Sintered Rim Wheels (POS. 1-3) will form shapes precisely and will not be deformed. 
Electroplated or Vacuum Brazed (POS. 1-3) are made for soft material such as Marble, Sandstone and Limestone that will bring out finely honed finishes. 
Line Eraser (POS. 3+) is for eliminating diamond marks before the step of polishing. 
        Granite/Engineerd Material Marble
Position Function RPM Offset Bond F/S(mm/min) Bond F/S(mm/min)
Pos 0 Stock Removal 4,700~5,000   Metal-Segment 600 Electroplated 800
Pos 1 Shaping 4,700~5,000 1.0mm Metal-Rim 800 Electroplated 800
Pos 2 Honing 4,700~5,000 0.6mm Metal-Rim 800 Electroplated 1200
Pos 3 Finishing 4,700~5,000 0.1mm Metal-Rim 800 Electroplated 1200
Pos 4 Polishing 1,500 0.1mm Resin 1000 Resin 1000
Pos 5 Polishing 1,500 0.1mm Resin 1000 Resin 1000
Pos 6 Polishing 1,500 0.1mm Resin 1000 Resin 1000

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