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Construction Drill Bit (Dry)

$8.8 - $43.8

Material:Construction Drill Bits   Time:11/09/2017

 Steven: chitrust@chitrust.com    13950056653:13950056653  

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Material Application:



¢5 - ¢100

Certifcated:CE / ISO / SGS

Custom Made:YES

Product Description

Chitrust offers a wide selection of drill bits for construction use as well as stone. These diamond construction drill bits are perfect for in most construction applications such as drilling concrete and other hard material.
These wet or dry bits fit most of the commonly used drills in the industry. Our selection includes manufacturers and industry leaders.
Many times, as drill bits start to wear down, it slows down how fast you can drill. Consider checking the health of your equipment. If you need a replacement core drill rig, angle grinder or air polisher, check out our selection and deals on construction tools.
For use with masonry, brick, block, & cured concrete, Construction Drill Bit (Dry) is great for dry application where you can use water to prolong the life of the bit.  
They cut aggressively, will last a long time, and are easy on the wallet! All of these bits are 11 1/4" long with a 5/8"-11 thread. It will fit a construction drill. Not for use with marble or granite.
Attachment: 5/8"-11 thread
Overall Length: 11 1/4"
Coring Depth: 10 1/4"

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