Large Tile Blade

Material:Large Tile and Glass Blades   Time:08/09/2017

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Material Application:Tile Blade



300mm - 3500mm

Certifcated:CE / ISO / SGS

Custom Made:YES


Product Description

We get a lot of questions about which wet tile saw blade is the best for porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is a hard material that chips relatively easily.Turbo rim blades cut quickly but will chip the tile more readily.Narrow continuous rim blades cut with minimal chipping, but they can wander slightly due to the flexibility of the blade face, producing less than straight cuts.
There is no single blade that does everything perfectly, but Chitrust Porcelain blade do a very good job at providing a faster cutting, chip free blade.Both of these blades are only for cutting porcelain and will deteriorate quickly if used on other materials.

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